Hi, my name is Bex. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and have 3 children. I am soon to be married and we live in a small town just outside the city with our two Maltese dogs, Bentley & Sofie. We love being surrounded by the nature and our friendly small town community.

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with Disney's Beauty & the Beast. I have DVD's, books, trinkets, clothing, countless collectibles and I've also been to multiple live shows. I even have an original VHS copy of the movie (for those who still remember what that is). The icing on the cake will always be the night my boyfriend got on one knee and pulled out a Disney collection Beauty & the Beast engagement ring!

But, life has not always been a fairy tale and five years ago I learned to never take anything for granted. I was an active, independent mom working more than one job until June of 2016, the last time I walked on my own. I saw numerous specialists across Canada and the USA and nobody could tell me what was wrong or how to fix it. To this day, we still only have suspicions of what caused my condition or what my actual diagnosis is. It has taken years trying to clean all the drugs from my system but this led me on a journey that eventually created Beeuty by Bex.

Determined to find answers and regain my independence, I began to study any and everything I could about health and mental well being. I discovered many fascinating (and disturbing) facts, adopted several new eating habits and changed everything we use on our bodies and clean our home with to natural products. Our skin absorbs everything it touches so it is important to be conscious about what we put inside as well as on our bodies.

Our products are handmade with only the purest and most natural ingredients available and are also naturally preserved. We are excited to continue to grow our product line for years to come! Being the animal lovers that we are, part of all proceeds will also go to various animal welfare organizations that need our help.

Beeuty by Bex was born so I could bring all of my passions in life together and share them and my success with the world.

Thank you all for your support on my journey!